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Ponzi schemes can take different forms, but the essential issue is dishonesty, sometimes on an almost unbelievable scale. As distinct from pyramid schemes, which involve participants recruiting many more participants in order to benefit, Ponzi schemes tend to be operated by a small number of individuals who deceive investors with the promise of high yields and who keep suspicion at bay by paying good "returns" to a few of them. Sometimes the scheme is highly complex, taking many years to unravel; sometimes it is primitive.

In recent years, perpetrators of Ponzi schemes have achieved extraordinary notoriety (and jail sentences), while investors are left trying to figure out what to do to reclaim their lost money. In some cases, such as when an established brokerage firm is involved, it is possible to pursue legal claims and recover lost investments.

Have You Been Victimized? Do You Suspect Misconduct?

If you have lost money in a Ponzi scheme or suspect that your investments may be in jeopardy, an experienced securities fraud attorney can advise you on your rights and options.

With a history of successful recoveries in fraud cases going back to 1990, attorney Timothy J. Dennin is a highly experienced litigator and arbitrator known for championing the rights of investors and for holding unethical brokers and securities firms accountable for their actions. His experience includes cases involving:

Mr. Dennin is a highly focused and passionate lawyer who only represents investors.

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