Scammers frequently target the elderly for securities fraud

Money is almost a universal concern among adults, but especially for the elderly who might be living on fixed incomes and limited retirement savings. New York scammers understand this all too well and use it to their advantage when committing securities fraud and elder financial abuse. These acts of fraud can -- and often do -- deplete much of the victims' life savings.

Men convicted of securities fraud sentenced to federal prison

Investors might not hear much about Ponzi schemes these days, but that does mean they are gone. In fact, many people are still running these investment schemes in New York. This form of securities fraud heaps huge losses on those who were led to believe that they were making sound investments.

Former stockbroker on trial, accused of securities fraud

A former stockbroker recently went to trial after he pleaded not guilty to a number of serious charges. Charges for mail and wire fraud are just two of the 11 criminal counts. Investors in a state bordering New York say they suffered significant losses because of the broker's actions, which is sadly not an uncommon outcome of securities fraud.

Investment fraud victim secures $900,000 in damages

There are many benefits to investing, including creating sources of passive income and building wealth. Aside from the many benefits there is a risk of losing money, but perhaps investment fraud is perhaps an even greater risk. Some investment advisers and brokers in New York are eager to take advantage of clients, sometimes defrauding them of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Did my broker commit securities fraud?

There is no such thing as risk-free investing. This is why New York investors should be as informed as possible when deciding how and when to invest their money. Like many others, you probably trusted your broker to give you everything you needed to make an informed decision. However all too often "investment advisors" fail to fulfill this obligation. In this situation, unfortunately, he or she may have committed securities fraud.

The elderly are especially vulnerable to securities fraud

Although elder abuse might be more commonly associated with physical harm, financial exploitation is also quite common. Scams that target the elderly can take many forms, most of which are based on lies or half-truths. Securities fraud against this age group may only get worse as the number of New York residents who are over the age of 65 continues to grow.

Ponzi and pyramid schemes are both examples of securities fraud

Pyramid schemes are often discussed as if they are a thing of the past, which is not the case. Pyramid schemes are often confused with Ponzi schemes. While similar and both can constitute forms of securities fraud, understanding the difference between these two schemes can help victims determine how to pursue possible compensation for their losses.

Securities fraud and abuses still a problem for investors

The security industry involves a number of different forms of investments, such as mutual funds, bonds, stocks and much more. While these types of investments can be quite different, as securities they all involve investments made by entities and individuals with an expectation of yielding profits. Federal laws are in place to protect people and their investments from abuses, but unfortunately securities fraud and other abuses still take place.

Woman arrested for securities fraud scheme

Authorities claim that a woman purposely lied to investors about the purposes of her investment fund as well as its performance. Accused of committing securities fraud, she allegedly ran a $100 million scheme that affected many different investors. It can be extremely distressing when a New York investor learns that his or her funds have been purposely misused, but there are options for moving forward and seeking compensation.

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