Investment fraud victims lost $576,000

Volunteering for and donating to charities is an excellent way for people in New York to give back and help others. When a situation arises in which it is possible to help a charity while also receiving a return on investment, it might feel like the perfect opportunity. Unfortunately, at least two people who thought they were doing just that say never saw any type of return. Instead, they ended up being victims of investment fraud.

Can you identify unsuitable investments?

An unexpected investment loss can be upsetting, and your initial reaction may be to place the blame entirely on yourself. However, you may want to consider that decisions made by an adviser or broker could be responsible for the loss. Even if you had what you believed to be a strong and trusted relationship, it is possible that a broker may have made unsuitable investments.

Advisers reprimanded for selling unsuitable investments

Investing is a smart idea for building additional income streams and building up savings for important things, like retirement and traveling. Making the right decisions regarding investing can be difficult though, which is why people in New York often turn to professionals. Sadly, not all professional investment advisers have their clients' best interests at heart, which can lead to costly and unsuitable investments.

Does your RIA have insurance for unsuitable investments?

Seeking guidance from a financial adviser is a common occurrence in the world of individual investing. These financial advisers are supposed to not only provide their experienced input, but should also respect the wishes of the investor when it comes to taking risky moves. Sadly, some of these advisers still make unsuitable investments that leave their New York clients financially devastated. Even worse, many do not have insurance to cover these losses.

Baby Boomers, blockchain and boiler rooms

As an investor, you are always looking for a new market or a piece of information that will give you a competitive edge. When discovering new information on the latest opportunities, you are rightfully skeptical of some and seize upon others. The integration of technology in our daily routines has opened up a new realm of possibilities in both our professional and personal lives, but with that, a new field of risks too.

How Seniors Can Protect Themselves From Investment Fraud

Investing is exciting, and it's easy to get caught up in the promise of fast money. That being said, investment fraud is unfortunately all too common - especially among seniors. Sadly, many scammers attempt to prey on older people, as they believe they may be able to get easy money this way. It's important to take the following five steps to ensure that you or an older loved one are not the victim of an investment scam.

$18.5 Million FINRA Arbitration Award Against UBS; 2 Investors Represented By Timothy J. Dennin Compensated

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has reported an $18.5 million record security arbitration decision against UBS Financial Services to clients who invested in Puerto Rico closed-end municipal bond funds. The clients were represented by the prominent securities and investor rights attorney Timothy J. Dennin.

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