Careful Handling Of Securities Group Arbitration Claims


If you have lost money as a result of misconduct on the part of a broker or brokerage firm, and you wish to pursue justice, your investment agreement may include your consent to participate in arbitration. In situations where investors have been harmed by similar conduct, a group action may be a cost-effective and compelling way to present your case. In a manner similar to a class action lawsuit, multiple claimants who have been victimized by a broker or firm’s misconduct or negligence can enter arbitration together with shared legal representation.

In investment matters, securities arbitration is used to resolve securities disputes outside of court. In the United States, securities arbitration claims are filed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), a body that establishes securities rules, and is responsible for regulating brokerages and individual brokers throughout the country.

FINRA’s arbitration process is formal and structured, much like a trial in court, except that a three-person arbitration panel (which typically includes one industry representative) decides the case, and the process is usually faster than that of federal or state court. Arbitration is initiated when a claimant formally files a statement of claim; it ends with an arbitration panel’s decision, which is binding. When an award is made by a panel, it is difficult for a broker or brokerage to vacate the decision.

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