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Since 1990, Timothy J. Dennin, P.C., has represented individuals and classes of investors in complex brokerage and securities litigation. Our track record of successes in high-profile cases against some of the biggest names on Wall Street has led to national recognition for our representation of clients across the United States and internationally.

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Do I Have To Join The Class Action?

All investors have the right to opt out of a securities class action lawsuit. There are several reasons why opting out may be in an investor’s best interests, including:

  • Having unique circumstances that set their claim apart from the rest of the class
  • Believing they have a stronger claim for additional damages
  • Gaining the opportunity to settle separately on their own terms, rather than being beholden to the terms of the class action settlement

Do I Need To Maintain Ownership Of My Stock To Remain A Class Member?

As a rule, you can sell the security in question and still maintain membership in the class. If you sell the security for a loss, you can still recover a share of the recovery. However, if the sale results in a gain, your share of the class will be excluded since there are no losses to recover. It is a good idea to speak with a lawyer before conducting any transactions that could ultimately threaten your ability to recover damages.

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