Client Testimonials


“Trusted” financial advisor

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous
March 26, 2020

We were blindsided by our “trusted” financial advisor, and Tim was there every step of the way for us, including returning our panicked phone message left over a holiday weekend. He guided us through a tedious and stressful process, while at the same time, bringing us hope this horrible situation could be sorted out. Tim was upfront and candid at all times, and left no stone unturned. He fought for us and was able to recoup a significant portion of our loss. We highly recommend him.

My first experience with an American lawyer

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous
December 19, 2016

This was my first experience with an American attorney, in fact with any attorney.
I researched the internet and consulted my American friends with legal background (two retired lawyers) before contacting Mr. Dennin.
At the outset I was impressed by his approach, which was encouraging: rigor of his questions, logic in reasoning.
Later I learned one of his basic principle that “preparation is everything,” which I particularly liked.
Mr. Dennin spend enough time to research all relevant material of the case.
On that basis he was in a position to prepare legal papers that were comprehensive and specific and supplemented by facts and most relevant legal precedents.
He took time to outline and explain to me legal proceedings, and consulted with me – in person, on the phone, via email – on all important matters.
He presented me with copies of legal papers, which allowed me to follow rather lengthy development of the case.
Mr. Dennin’s legal strategy was realistic and results-oriented. This was particularly evident during a mediation event.
He was always available for me if I wanted to contact him.
I think that we have established a very good communication.
Being represented by him made me fill assured and comfortable.
As a person, I have found him a pleasant, courteous and ready to listen.
As a professional, he has vast experience spread over many years and success in defending rights of his clients.
All in all I think that Mr. Dennin is a kind of attorney whom I would recommend with full conviction.

Timothy J. Dennin is the BEST!

5.0 stars

Posted by Dolly
November 17, 2016

Our former broker, financial consultant, is in jail until 2025. We realized we were in deep financial trouble after losing our entire lifesavings to the lies and deceptions of our broker. A very close friend of ours, who also had also retained Tim and had used the same broker, gave us Timothy J. Dennin‘s name. This “gentle” man was so helpful to us, we honestly did not know where/how to start a claim. Tim’s patience with us on the telephone was unbelievable. There were times when my husband was so distraught; I honestly did not know what to do with thousands of pieces of correspondence & fake statements! So, what did I do? I called Tim Dennin and he always gave me the knowledge and strength to forge ahead. He gave our case 150 percent, and was successful in recouping money from a large brokerage firm. We have one more Arbitration Case, and, again, hired Tim Dennin to represent us. He is professional in every way. And, did I mention honesty? One of my first telephone conversations with Tim was, “honesty, honesty, honesty” — we can’t have any “I think” or “I believe.” His reputation is respected by all.

Favorable outcome

5.0 stars

Posted by LM
November 7, 2016

If you have the misfortune to need a lawyer who specializes in security litigation, there really is only one choice, Tim Dennin. My family and I were embroiled in a situation in which a broker we entrusted put us in the middle of a fraudulent investing scam that totally devastated our life. We hired Tim who worked tirelessly for over three years with very positive results. How I would describe Tim is: honest, hardworking, extremely intelligent and relentless. He is a man of means and resolve.

Won judgment for our family on broker malfeasance

5.0 stars

Posted by Jonathan
October 31, 2016

I strongly recommend Mr. Dennin. He took on a fairly difficult case and won for our family a very good judgment. He was thorough, prepared and properly aggressive on our behalf. He utilized all the facts and documentation in a very effective way. He walked us through the process and the risk/reward issues of each step in the process. We appreciated his efforts and the results.

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