Handling Claims Involving Betrayed Trust And Unsuitable Investments


It is amazing how many private investors blame themselves when they could not possibly have been aware that their trusted broker or their trusted investment adviser was defrauding them. It is not your fault, and it may be possible to bring those who cheated you to justice.

At the Northport and Manhattan offices of Timothy J. Dennin, P.C., our lawyer has represented clients who were close friends with their investment adviser and who lost lifesavings as a result of broker misconduct. Our New York City unsuitable investments attorney has also represented conservative investors of significant wealth who have lost tens of millions as a result of a trusted adviser, guiding them toward unsuitable, high-risk investments. It is not fair, it is not right and we are here to help.

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Fighting For The Little Guy

Since 1990, former SEC lawyer, Timothy J. Dennin, has focused his considerable legal resources on helping clients who have lost money due to unsuitable investment, securities fraud and other securities misconduct. Among his current cases are claims against UBS Securities, Popular Securities, AXA Financial and various registered investment advisers among others.

Questions To Ask Related To Your Loss

  • Are you a conservative investor (low-risk tolerance) and did your broker or your investment adviser know that but went ahead and sold you high-risk investments such as subprime investments bundled in a PPN without telling you about the inherent risk?
  • Were you misinformed about the suitability of a variable annuity?
  • Was your portfolio concentrated in a single sector or security?
  • Did you invest and suffer a significant loss in your investments because you were told it was a safe, “cash equivalent” investment?

No Conception Of The Risk? You May Have Cause To Take Action.

Are you uncertain about how to deal with your losses and whom to turn to now that you have lost savings and other financial assets? Did you unknowingly get involved in risky investment strategies because of your adviser’s recommendations?

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