Fighting For You In FINRA Arbitration Cases


Whereas securities litigation involves the filing of time-consuming lawsuits, arbitration and mediation can be used to settle disputes outside of civil court. Most securities arbitration and mediation matters in the United States are filed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), which establishes securities rules and is responsible for regulating brokerages and individual brokers throughout the country.

If you lost money as a result of broker misconduct, brokerage firm failure to supervise or negligence, stock manipulation, hedge fund fraud, IPO fraud, CDO or CMO misrepresentation or other negligence, our firm is well-positioned to help. Located in Northport and Manhattan, attorney Timothy J. Dennin has successfully handled FINRA mediation and FINRA arbitration for more than 25 years. Mr. Dennin has won scores of cases and hundreds of millions of dollars for investors, recovering money for the vast majority of his clients. Mr. Dennin is highly skilled at investigating negligence and representing his clients in FINRA disputes of all kinds.

The FINRA Arbitration Process

The arbitration process is a formal proceeding similar to a trial in court, except that there is an arbitration panel that decides the case, not a jury — and the process is usually faster than in federal or state court. Arbitration is initiated when a claimant formally files a statement of claim; it ends with an arbitration panel’s decision, which is binding. On the upside, when an award is made by a panel, it is difficult for a respondent to vacate the decision.

Attorney Timothy J. Dennin is experienced at making strong cases for his arbitration clients, having successfully represented many of them before the three-member panels that make the final decision on critical investment matters.

How FINRA Conducts Mediations

In FINRA mediation, a setting with far less pressure than arbitration, investors have the opportunity to settle a case with those who defrauded them or caused them loss through negligence. A neutral mediator allows a claimant to tell their story and determine whether further steps, such as arbitration or litigation, are necessary to achieve satisfaction.

Manhattan attorney Timothy J. Dennin has extensive experience representing investors in FINRA mediation. He is well-known in the field, having advocated for his clients before all major FINRA mediators on several occasions. His credibility has been established as an attorney who is always prepared.

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