Securities Litigation That’s National And International In Scope


Typically, securities litigation involves a matter concerning the violation of federal securities law. If you have suffered a significant financial loss due to a securities law violation or you are uncertain whom to turn to seek justice if you believe a breach of fiduciary duty or broker misconduct has occurred, the law office of Timothy J. Dennin, P.C., may be able to help.

Since first opening our private practice in 1990 in New York City and Northport, New York, securities litigation attorney Timothy J. Dennin has helped hundreds of private investor clients who have suffered financial losses due to unsuitable investments, insider trading, stockbroker and adviser misconduct, and other breaches of fiduciary duty obtain justice.

Our firm’s achievement of justice has been in the form of arbitrated and litigated settlements, and awards for our clients in excess of several millions of dollars, including more than $18.5 million arbitration award against UBS, including millions in attorneys’ fees and statutory interest, $7.3 million class action litigation award against Regina Company and a confidential settlement against Tyco International Ltd. (Section 10b-5 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 violations), and in excess of 2.5 million-dollar arbitration award after trial, including $100,000 of punitive damages against Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.

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We Provide Free Initial Consultations To Discuss Your Legal Matter

Our law firm helps clients domestically and throughout the world. We offer free initial consultations in person, over the phone, by letter or through email so that we can help you answer your questions and determine whether you feel comfortable retaining Timothy J. Dennin as your counsel of record. During this time, attorney Timothy J. Dennin listens carefully to the concerns that potential clients have. He will answer your questions and help you understand whether or not he believes that you have a case.

Straightforward, Compassionate And Clearheaded Representation

If Mr. Dennin thinks that you have a strong case, he will let you know. If he does not think that your case is actionable or that you will recoup enough of your loss to make the legal effort worthwhile, then he will be straightforward with you in that regard. Our goal is at all times to pursue justice that is in our clients’ best interests and that can bring a painful situation to resolution.

What Our Clients Want To Know

Typically, our clients want to know whether they have a claim and what their chances are of recovering their losses. We can help you understand the potential length of this kind of legal action, how we will attempt to resolve it and what you may possibly expect as an outcome. Although we cannot promise you results, we can point to the track record of our firm, to our current cases and to our current investigations.

We have successfully represented investors in federal and state court cases involving violations of the federal securities laws, misrepresentation, accounting malpractice, market manipulation and fraud.

Moreover, our firm has recently been retained by Citizens Bank and Citizens Securities, Inc. to defend litigation brought against Citizens by a former broker.

“Most clients say they are pleased with the level of representation that our firm provides. I personally handle everything related to their case, from the investigation through to the final resolution of the legal matter. I am always prepared.” — Timothy J. Dennin.

Although Each Case Is Different, Our Preparation Is The Same

Our lawyer will listen carefully as you describe what happened. He will vigilantly gather all the information related to your case, establish a chronology of events, review and analyze every bit of evidence as he builds a strong case on your behalf. He will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case, then zealously, fearlessly and intelligently — with full knowledge of the facts — pursue justice on your behalf.

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