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Hedge funds are known for their unconventional methods, managed by out-of-the-box thinkers who offer high yields on unusual, sometimes mysterious investments. Since they are subject to less regulation than other types of investment vehicles, hedge funds tend to take more license and more risk in their quest for greater returns. Indeed, the hedge fund world is often compared to the Wild West.

Sometimes hedge funds take advantage of intelligent investors who may struggle to understand abstruse modalities that even many seasoned investment professionals are clueless about. With the help of a skilled securities lawyer, those investors can pursue legal recourse when the rules have been broken.

If you lost money in a hedge fund, and you believe you were defrauded, misled, deceived or improperly advised, our New York firm can help you understand what options you may have for righting the wrong. One option could be for us to represent you in filing and pursuing a claim to recoup your money.

A Highly Experienced Securities Fraud Litigator

With a history of success that goes back to 1990, Timothy J. Dennin is a highly experienced securities fraud litigator known for championing the rights of investors, and for holding unethical brokers and securities firms accountable for their actions. Mr. Dennin is a highly focused and passionate advocate for justice who only represents investors. His experience includes cases involving:

  • Hybrid investment products, structured derivatives and exotic investment vehicles
  • Investments about which the material facts were not properly disclosed, particularly when the opacity was intentional
  • Prominent brokerages such as Goldman Sachs, which acted as prime broker and clearing firm, and lent money to the ill-fated, fraudulent Bayou Hedge Fund
  • Misappropriation by an investment adviser through a hedge fund in British Virgin Islands resulting in criminal conviction and sentencing of investment adviser in 2018
  • FINRA arbitration representation

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