Reaching Solutions To Problematic Initial Public Offering Investments


Most investors know that an initial public offering (IPO) essentially turns a private enterprise into a publicly traded company, with the business being capitalized through the sale of shares. IPOs are known for making overnight billionaires, but sometimes IPO investments spell trouble for investors.

Investors are entitled to understand what they are putting their money into. By law, a broker must disclose all material facts about an investment before any money changes hands; this disclosure can be made in writing through prospectuses or offering documents, or it can be made verbally. When proper disclosure is not made and an investor suffers loss as a result, that investor can pursue a legal claim to recover their investment, either through litigation, arbitration or mediation. A lawyer experienced in investment matters can help in such cases.

Were You Misled, Deceived Or Improperly Advised?

If you lost money in an IPO investment because you were misled, deceived or improperly advised by a broker or investment adviser, our firm can help you understand your rights and options, and we can represent you in filing and pursuing a claim to recoup your money.

New York attorney Timothy J. Dennin is a highly experienced securities fraud litigator who has been championing the rights of investors since 1990. Mr. Dennin is highly focused and single-minded in his passion for helping investors get justice; he represents:

  • Individual and institutional investors who have lost money due to broker misconduct
  • Groups of investors in class actions
  • Clients in lawsuits against individual brokers and investment advisers, brokerage houses, accounting firms and directors of publicly traded companies

Securities lawyer Timothy J. Dennin does not play both sides of the game: He does not represent brokers or brokerages defending claims brought by aggrieved investors. Mr. Dennin has an extraordinary record of helping his clients recover what was lost, with the majority of his clients recovering the majority of their losses.

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