Investment fraud victim secures $900,000 in damages


There are many benefits to investing, including creating sources of passive income and building wealth. Aside from the many benefits there is a risk of losing money, but perhaps investment fraud is perhaps an even greater risk. Some investment advisers and brokers in New York are eager to take advantage of clients, sometimes defrauding them of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

An out-of-state financial adviser is facing 41 different criminal counts for illegally moving money out of clients’ accounts and into his own personal ones. Those counts include charges for financial exploitation, investment adviser fraud and more. There were at least three clients who lost money, and the adviser’s own father was apparently among the victims.

Criminal charges are not the only consequences that he must face, as two of the fraud victims chose to pursue legal action. One man secured $294,500 in compensatory damages. In a different case, a judge awarded $900,000 to another victim. These and other victims said there was no indication that anything was amiss, as the adviser provided his clients with falsified account statements. Neither learned of the forgeries until Dec. 2017, and they did not discover the missing money until nearly a month later.

Investment fraud usually weakens a person’s financial position, creating unnecessary barriers to future investing. For those who have spent years building wealth this can be especially disheartening. As such, recovering compensatory damages is often a priority for New York victims, but some may be unsure how to do so. Although the process may seem daunting, speaking with a knowledgeable attorney can clarify any confusion.