Alleged Ponzi scheme cheats investors out of millions

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The land of digital assets often promises large returns on modest investments. This leaves investors feeling as if there’s a gold rush that they can’t miss out on. While there are some legitimate cryptocurrency investments out there that may be right for you, there are also a lot of scams in this market that can […]

Does the SEC’s Ripple lawsuit have broader implications?

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When the SEC decided to initiation its lawsuit against Ripple over its cryptocurrency, XRP, the crypto-world was shocked as it was one of the few times the SEC sued over a cryptocurrency. One of the primary questions presented was whether the XRP coin qualifies as a security, and if so, can the SEC regulate it. […]

Incidence of cryptocurrency fraud rose massively in 2021

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In New York, across the United States and in Puerto Rico, investment opportunities and the chance to make money are an irresistible temptation. This is true for savvy investors, those just getting started and anywhere in between. There is always a danger when a new and popular product gains prominence with advisers, brokers and others […]