Representation In Puerto Rico


Two Puerto Rican men indicted in bankruptcy fraud schemes

On August 2, 2022, the United States Attorney’s office in San Juan, Puerto Rico, announced two separate grand jury indictments for bankruptcy fraud. Each defendant is a resident of Puerto Rico. The allegations in the indictments demonstrate the vast range of fraudulent conduct that can victimize innocent residents of Puerto Rico and the 50 continental […]

Hiring a lawyer to work in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has been the site of several impressive financial booms and busts over the past 20 years. The island was given some favorable breaks by the U.S. Congress, including the unique tax treatment of investment revenues. As a consequence of these breaks, many investors established their businesses in San Juan, the island’s capital and […]

As Puerto Rico investments heat up, investors should be cautious

Puerto Rico is yet again landing on the radar of investors across the U.S. and world. This has been primed by the U.S. Congress allocating over $20 billion in funds, following 2017’s Hurricane Maria. In addition, according to the former president of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce, Kenneth Rivera, the bankruptcy debt restructuring of […]

Puerto Rico’s ongoing economic struggles may expose fraud

Puerto Rico’s economy continues to struggle. A recent report showed that the island’s Gross National Product contracted by 3.2% in 2020. By comparison to 2019, the island’s GNP shrunk by about 5%. When breaking down the report, it appeared that people on the island spent less on personal goods and services, which naturally hurt the […]

Understanding Puerto Rico’s court system

Puerto Rico is very close to the United States geographically, but to many, even the many Puerto Ricans who call New York City home, the legal system can seem to exist on another planet. In actual fact, Puerto Rico has a legal system that is very similar to court systems in any of the 50 […]

Puerto Rico city victimized by fraud

Securities fraud is unfortunately common across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. It can take shape in many different ways, but the result is always that someone loses a lot of money inadvertently. A recent fraud was discovered in Puerto Rico involving a city and an investment advisor. Unregistered investment advisor facing fraud charges Recently the […]

3 ways to avoid being caught by a phishing email

For many of us, it happens so quickly, part of a busy morning in the office perhaps. We are going through emails, and suddenly, we find ourselves following a link to update our important banking information. Just like that, our critical personal information is in the hands of another person. No one is immune from […]

Charges: Fraud scheme netted $39M from unwitting investors

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is accusing a former Florida man of operating a “long-running scheme designed to deceive investors,” a plan that netted tens of millions of dollars from unwitting victims. According to the SEC’s allegations, the Sarasota man founded a hedge fund company in 2012, claiming its main sub-fund focused on U.S.-listed financial […]

Representation in Puerto Rico — SEC charges investment manager

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently accused an investment group and its manager for fraudulently raising tens of millions of dollars from investors. The manager is facing multiple securities fraud charges, including violating federal securities laws. Finding the right representation in Puerto Rico may be a priority for investors as these actions allegedly took […]

The right representation in Puerto Rico matters

Laws differ from state to state, and how a claim is handled in New York might be quite different than how it might be treated elsewhere. This is why securing the guidance of someone who understands the laws applicable to a specific state or US Territory where the claim will be litigated is essential. When […]