Corporate Malfeasance


What is corporate malfeasance?

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Corporate malfeasance is a white-collar crime committed by a business or corporation by hiding their actual financial figures, which can severely harm the company’s shareholders and the company itself. This type of white-collar crime encompasses several types, such as: Misappropriation of company assets. Fraudulent reporting of the company’s finances. An entity attempting to obtain an […]

Study shows corporate malfeasance grotesquely common

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When you hear news stories about corporate malfeasance, you usually hear only the most egregious criminal activity. Ponzi schemes, IPO fraud, and massive misrepresentations on a grand scale are commonly reported. While these activities can certainly leave you with serious financial harm, perhaps even financial ruin, the truth of the matter is that financial misconduct […]

Beware Arbitration Clauses On Financial Products

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is currently seeking public comment on new proposed rules that would prohibit mandatory arbitration clauses on consumer financial products. This is good news for consumers who might one day find themselves with a grievance against a financial company like a bank or a credit card company.  Arbitration clauses are […]