The Coronavirus Risk – Leverage Exposed in Volatile Market


The old adage “All boats float until the tide goes out” is aproproriate in these turbulent times. The market gyrations of last week will undoubtedly continue until the thick clouds of Cov-19 uncertainty clear up. The receding markets will expose portfolios that are subject to leverage and the resulting exponential loss of capital in a severe market downturn. For clients who are not speculators and unaware of the risk, the use of leverage in their portfolio may be unsuitable. Investors, who were exposed to this unsuitable risk through recommendations of their investment advisors, may have legitimate claims to recoup their losses. Particulary at risk are retirees or those approaching retirement who, through unsuitable use of margin or leveraged investments in managed accounts, lost irreplacable savings resulting from unsuitable recommendations or investment “strategies”. For thirty years my law firm has recouped losses for investors who have been vicimized by their broker’s unsuitable recommendations, unauthorized trading and improper use of leverage.