We hold those who commit fraud or misconduct accountable


Having a strong investment portfolio is important to many people here in the Northport area. However, there is a possibility that private investors can fall victim to fraud or misrepresentation on the part of their trusted broker or investment advisor.

Fraud and other misconduct is not your fault

As is the case often, private investors may spend a good deal of time and effort maximizing profits from their investments, all to have it come crashing down one day due to fraud. It is important to note that fraud is not your fault, and it is possible to pursue justice against those who cheated you.

Fraud can take several forms, but all have a lasting impact on the victim. Some exceptional cases in the recent past have put a focus on Ponzi schemes in investments. Still, investors may also be cheated when a broker makes false claims or statements about a particular stock in consideration. Additionally, a broker commits fraud when using deception to encourage the purchase of certain securities that lead to subprime investment losses. In certain situations, it may be possible to seek compensation from a brokerage house if it is clear that those in charge failed to supervise a stockbroker who committed fraud properly.

It may also be possible to hold a stockbroker liable for misconduct that may not amount to fraud but is still harmful – things like churning, excessive trading, or unauthorized trading.

Our firm represents fraud victims

At the offices of Timothy J. Dennin, P.C., we have taken on cases where our clients were close friends with their investment advisers who committed acts of misconduct, costing our clients their life savings.

We have also taken on cases where clients have lost significant amounts of money due to a trusted adviser misguiding them to take on unsuitable, high-risk investments. Misinformation about investments, unnecessary risks or placing all your eggs in one investment basket can lead to the loss of millions of dollars.

Those who commit fraud should be held accountable

Ultimately, advisers and brokers who commit fraud or lead clients to take on unsuitable investments should be held accountable for their actions. Our firm understands your concerns should you find yourself the victim of fraud or misinformation and may be a useful resource. Therefore, to ensure that you are making the right decision regarding investments, it may be a good decision to speak with experienced professionals.