Helping security fraud victims in Puerto Rico


Falling victim to any type of fraud is a devastating situation. This is an unfortunate situation that can come in various forms with a wide range of negative impacts to individuals and companies. Securities fraud could result in significant losses; however, even if the financial losses are not substantial, victims can take action to obtain compensation for their damages and losses.

While securities fraud is common in the United States, it is growing more prevalent in Puerto Rico. As such, the law office of Timothy J.Dennin, P.C. is representing those that have lost money and suffered damages as a result of securities fraud in Puerto Rico.

Broker-dealer misconduct

Often, individuals will place much trust in brokers when it comes to investing their money. What they do not expect is for the broker to take their money and use it as their own. In other words, they use their position as a licensed broker to steal money from those giving them money for the sole purpose of investing.

In these matters, it is possible to take action. Whether it is through negotiations, arbitration or litigation, it is possible to be made whole after suffering from broker misconduct.

Securities law matters in Puerto Rico

Currently, the government in Puerto Rico is suffering a large amount of debt that continues to grow. This economic downturn has only been amplified by the numerous individuals who were victimized by brokerage firms and financial advisers.

This widespread of losses due to security fraud has impacted the finances of individuals and the economy of the country. As such, our law firm is available to travel to and work with individuals and companies, helping them understand their rights and options in the matter.