Can FINRA hold hearings in Puerto Rico?


If you have been wronged in the stock market by a broker or a brokerage firm, you may be familiar with FINRA. If you choose securities as an investment portfolio item, you place trust in your broker, but conflicts between you and your broker could occur.

If so, you may need to discuss dispute resolution options to resolve your conflict. However, did you know there are many hearing locations throughout the United States?

What is FINRA anyway?

FINRA establishes and enforces rules surrounding ethics for brokers and brokerages in the United States. They make the rules for brokers and then enforce fines and consequences for brokers or brokerages who commit fraud or other problematic offenses with their clients. In 2020, FINRA ordered more than $25 million to investors who were wronged.

Are FINRA hearings held in Puerto Rico?

FINRA hearings can be heard in Puerto Rico, in the oceanside capital city of San Juan. FINRA data show that close to 200 cases were heard at the San Juan FINRA location through August of this year.

The San Juan location ranks near the top five of more than 50 locations in terms of case count, which demonstrates the Puerto Ricans’ need for a secure dispute resolution process with their broker and brokerage firm.

Who should I contact for assistance with my case?

If you seek to regain damages that occurred as the result of a broker or brokerage’s misdeeds, you can contact an attorney well versed in securities law to discuss your options. FINRA offers mediation and arbitration as dispute resolution methods locally, in Puerto Rico, and an attorney can be an asset in asserting your desired outcomes.