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Media personality accused of duping investors out of millions

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You’ve worked hard to build your wealth. The last thing you deserve is a greedy investment broker or advisor to cheat you out of your future. This sad scenario happens to many people each year, and appears to have just happened again. According to reports, a popular investment advisor has been charged with securities fraud […]

Understanding conflicts of interest

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Brokerage firms, financial advisors and financial institutions in New York are involved in many different activities that could potentially give rise to a conflict of interest. The FINRA has many rules that are intended to reduce the potential for conflicts of interest. FINRA rules require that brokerage firms conduct thorough conflict-of-interest checks and disclose any […]

Did you invest in an IPO based on false information?

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Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) have a reputation for making investors rich, seemingly overnight. Sometimes, though, an individual investor is duped into investing in a company based on false, incomplete or misleading information in the prospectus. This could constitute IPO fraud and could lead to a lawsuit. IPO prospectus filings An IPO gives individual investors the […]

Financial fraud comes in many forms

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Financial fraud occurs when someone else uses deceptive or misleading practices to take or deprive you of assets. These practices can come in many forms. Of all the types of financial fraud, one of the most common is investment fraud. What is investment fraud? Broadly, investment fraud is the selling of investments through the use […]

Two Puerto Rican men indicted in bankruptcy fraud schemes

On August 2, 2022, the United States Attorney’s office in San Juan, Puerto Rico, announced two separate grand jury indictments for bankruptcy fraud. Each defendant is a resident of Puerto Rico. The allegations in the indictments demonstrate the vast range of fraudulent conduct that can victimize innocent residents of Puerto Rico and the 50 continental […]

Did my broker live up to their professional responsibilities?  

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When people invest through a stockbroker, they are putting their trust in that individual to follow the law and live up to their responsibilities as a professional. In recent years, it has become much easier for retail investors to take part in the market. That has been positive in many ways as people who otherwise […]

FINRA and AARP try to help older fraud victims speak out

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Financial crimes are prevalent across the nation. While almost anyone can be victimized, older people are a common target. Sadly, older people are frequently fearful of reporting to law enforcement and regulators what has happened to them. Perhaps they are unaware of the extent of the illegal activity. They might be concerned about being harmed […]

Preparing for your FINRA mediation

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If you feel like you’ve been wronged by your broker, you need to consider taking some sort of action to try to recover the compensation that you’re owed. There are a few ways that you can do this, including filing a FINRA claim. This claim seeks to resolve the issue without dragging you through litigation. […]

Helping security fraud victims in Puerto Rico

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Falling victim to any type of fraud is a devastating situation. This is an unfortunate situation that can come in various forms with a wide range of negative impacts to individuals and companies. Securities fraud could result in significant losses; however, even if the financial losses are not substantial, victims can take action to obtain […]

Red flags that could indicate securities fraud

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Securities fraud can leave you with nothing. If you have been saving up for a lifetime and are getting ready for retirement, it can be devastating to be the victim of securities fraud. Investors may be able to protect themselves by watching out for red flags that may indicate securities fraud. Unreasonable guarantees One potential […]