Broker Misconduct


Is your investment adviser insured?

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All investing entails some risk. Some investors are comfortable with more risk, while others prefer to keep it minimal. Comfort and trust are also key to your relationship with your adviser. You will likely do a great deal of research when you choose an adviser to handle your money and one question you should ask […]

Annuities and broker negligence: what can I do?

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Annuities, whether fixed or variable, are typically chosen by investors looking for a relatively conservative return. Often, the intent is not to maximize their earnings but to establish a safe and reliable source of income into one’s retirement years. As a result, missteps by a broker can be particularly jarring, creating an income shortage the […]

Three common types of broker misconduct

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Financial markets are constantly in flux, and brokers in Long Island need to make honest and appropriate transactions that ensure their investor’s portfolios continue to be profitable. While most brokers take their obligations seriously and act prudently and with due care, there will be those brokers who will engage in acts of misconduct that hurt […]

As Puerto Rico investments heat up, investors should be cautious

Puerto Rico is yet again landing on the radar of investors across the U.S. and world. This has been primed by the U.S. Congress allocating over $20 billion in funds, following 2017’s Hurricane Maria. In addition, according to the former president of the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce, Kenneth Rivera, the bankruptcy debt restructuring of […]

Have you been the victim of broker misconduct?

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There are often two types of people who get heavily involved in investing their money. First, there are those who are preparing for retirement. They have been carefully tracking the balances of their retirement accounts for years, waiting for that opportunity to leave the workforce and free up their time. Second, there are those who […]

FINRA to begin going after high-risk brokers

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Among the thousands of new tools available to investors, there are now some that judge “social” sentiment among Twitter and Reddit users. Some brokers may be using this sentiment profile to target clientele to invest in high-risk investments. FINRA has now been authorized by the SEC to pursue broker-dealers and financial advisors who engage in […]

Investment management company scrutinized for cold calling

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In New York, throughout the nation and in Puerto Rico, people frequently receive unsolicited phone calls from people they do not know and numbers they fail to recognize. Many are clear attempts to scam the unsuspecting recipients. However, reputable companies are known to use underhanded strategies that straddle the line of legality or flout it […]

Broker misconduct causes elderly woman to lose millions

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A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they’d never be taken advantage of by their trusted broker. Many clients have long term relationships with their brokers  and it is not uncommon for the broker to have a familial relationship with the client. The unfortunate truth of the matter, though, is that greed […]

Signs your financial advisor may not be doing his job

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Many people use a financial advisor to handle their investment accounts. They don’t have the time or the experience to invest on their own and having a professional involved is often a good idea. But not all financial advisors play by the rules and too many of their customers have been scammed. An investor should […]

Was I a victim of broker misconduct with affinity fraud?

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Investors in New York and throughout the world are often targets of people with ill intent. Brokers, investment advisers and other supposed financial professionals will talk a good game, use various tactics to convince a would-be investor that they are trustworthy, and then take their money for illegal purposes. This is becoming increasingly common with […]