Broker Misconduct


Five kinds of stockbroker misconduct to look out for

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Stockbrokers play an important role in the financial management of their clients. A New Yorker may rely on their broker’s advice to make sound decisions about where and with whom to place their hard-earned money. When a broker fails to act in their client’s interest as a fiduciary, their client can suffer significant financial losses. […]

Broker misconduct in stock trades leads to FINRA suspension

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In New York, throughout the United States and its territories like Puerto Rico, people place an immense amount of trust in their financial advisors and representatives. In many cases, these companies and their employees perform in an aboveboard fashion with the clients’ interests coming to the forefront. Unfortunately, there are situations where these same companies […]

Types of broker misconduct to look out for

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Investors in the state of New York and beyond might find themselves the victims of fraud, theft or other crimes committed by brokers. The crimes might be simple and obvious, or they could be part of an intricate long-term criminal scheme. Before filing a complaint or speaking with a lawyer, however, a client should evaluate […]

Be aware of the warning signs of churning

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With commission based accounts, brokers make a commission or fee every time they trade a stock. Some unethical brokers may engage in an activity known as “churning.” Churning occurs when a broker engages in excessive trading designed to pad their bottom line while doing nothing for and on most occasions harming their clients. It’s a […]

Charges: Fraud scheme netted $39M from unwitting investors

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is accusing a former Florida man of operating a “long-running scheme designed to deceive investors,” a plan that netted tens of millions of dollars from unwitting victims. According to the SEC’s allegations, the Sarasota man founded a hedge fund company in 2012, claiming its main sub-fund focused on U.S.-listed financial […]

Recognize the signs your broker is committing fraud

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Giving a professional authority over your investments can be a great way to make the most of your money. There is also the chance that your broker will misuse that power. As an investor, you may be noticing some odd things happening. Don’t sit on suspicions that you may have. Start looking for these signs […]

Process for reporting broker misconduct to the SEC

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Investing money depends on the parties conducting transactions to operate ethically and legally. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is an entity set up by the U.S. Congress to govern brokers and financial dealers in New York and nationwide. This nonprofit agency writes the rules that brokers must observe when handling investments for their clients. Violations […]

Examples of broker misconduct to watch out for

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Taking a broker’s expert advice requires a tremendous amount of trust. Many investors in New York take great care to work with brokers who are experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to spot broker misconduct, which can result in significant — and avoidable — losses. Brokers are supposed to understand the […]

Reduce chances of broker misconduct with careful vetting

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When someone is looking for a financial advisor, it is often because he or she wants sound advice from a trustworthy source. Investing is inherently a risk, but an investor does not want the risk to involve being a victim of broker misconduct. New York investors may wonder how to know if a financial advisor […]

Avoiding broker misconduct charges starts with this

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Both investors and brokers have certain responsibilities when working with one another. However, since it is often presumed that New York brokers have more knowledge and experience when it comes to investing, some investors might blame brokers when things do not go as they wish. Since this could result in a professional being accused of […]